Massage Therapy

Feeling Stressed?

There’s no more natural and healthful way to bring your body to a relaxed state than a Swedish Massage. It features long, slow, gliding motions. Pressure is often light to moderate and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the session.

Feeling tight?

Deep Tissue Massage is especially effective in promoting the release of chronic tension in tight muscles. It works the deeper muscular layers of the body.

It will facilitate the break-up and/or mobilization of scar tissue, promote effective circulation in those areas where the session is focused and will assist in releasing painful trigger points.

Range-of-motion problems?

Myofascial Release assists in increasing flexibility in movement and range-of-motion by “opening” the fascia—a substance which wraps around each individual muscle fiber and serves to protect the muscle as well.

Especially when coupled with Active Isolated Stretching, Clients often note a marked difference in joint flexibility, and over time, postural improvements as well.

Weekend warrior or serious athlete?

Sports Massage will assist you in preparing for or recovering from sports-related work or events. Sessions are custom-tailored, based on a variety of factors including your performance, recovery, injuries if present or injury prevention.

It’s a great way to augment the training that you may be receiving from an athletic trainer or coach.

Recovering from an injury?

Orthopedic Massage is a comprehensive system of massage techniques that involve a thorough intake and assessment of your needs and a treatment program designed to maximize the benefit to your rehabilitation.

Methods used are specific to the nature of the injury and/or tissue being worked. Orthopedic Massage naturally complements work that you may already be doing as part of a physical therapy, exercise, strength training, or stretching regiment.

Prefer your Home or Place of Business?

Chair Massage is a great option if you prefer to receive a massage in the convenience of your home or office. Sessions focus on the upper body—you are fully clothed and supported by a massage chair.

Or, if you prefer Travel Massage, any of the services listed above can be offered in the comfort of your home. For answers to any questions, please contact us directly.


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